Medical billing and coding

What is ​a Billing Specialist Job?

A Billing Specialist, or Billing Clerk, is responsible for overseeing the billing process for customers or patients. Their duties include processing payments on behalf of a customer or patient, maintaining organized financial records to aid reporting, and calculating bill totals by looking through previous financial statements. Billing specialists typically work for insurance companies or healthcare facilities to maintain accurate financial records and payment procedures. They work closely with customers, patients, or company personnel to create invoices and check for calculation errors on invoices and other billing statements. Their job is to contact customers to remind them of upcoming payment deadlines and help customers find financial aid options to reduce their medical or insurance bills.

Billing Specialist duties and responsibilities:

  • Searching each financial statement for any payment inconsistencies or errors.
  • Collaborating with patients or customers, third party institutions, and other team members to resolve billing inconsistencies and errors.
  • Creating invoices and billing materials to be sent directly to a customer or patient.
  • Finding financial solutions for patients or customers who may need payment assistance.
  • Informing patients or customers of any missed or upcoming payment deadlines.
  • Translating medical code if working in a medical setting.
  • Research any paid claims not consistent with an original claim, make any corrections and appropriate adjustment documentation.
  • Research denied claims and re-bill accordingly.
  • Responsible for processing any updated information for claims to reprocess and ensure timely payment.
  • Post payments to the client's accounts and ensure appropriate allocation.
  • Must have strong attention to detail and organizational skills and ability to multi-task.
  • Responsible for retrieving missing information, and accurately preparing and billing for assigned charges daily.
  • Update patient benefit, demographic, and insurance information as needed.
  • Guidelines are related to Hippa, OIG, compliance, medical coding, billing behaviors, and practices.
  • Responsible for following up on: unpaid, denied or rejected claims

4-week Accelerated Workshop

Class Schedule: 

Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 PM -5:00  PM or 
Weekend: Saturday and Sunday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM  


$1250.00 USD
($350.00 USD down payment)


All Medical Billing and Coding classes will be at the center. You need to come personally.

Please message the Facebook Page of South Georgia Career Center or email us at for available classes before paying.
Pay Full Payment! 
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