Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

What is a Medical Assistant?

Medical assistants provide physician support services that ensure that healthcare facilities run smoothly. They are responsible for administrative as well as clinical tasks, such as maintaining patient records, preparing patients and rooms for examination, assisting physicians with exams, and performing front-desk tasks. Medical assistants typically work in physician's offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Other duties include recording and updating medical histories and contact information in patient files, scheduling patient appointments, and performing standard care procedures like drawing blood, checking vitals, or collecting lab samples.

Medical Assistant Duties and responsibilities

Medical Assistants rely on technical skills so they understand how to use equipment to take patient vital signs. They should also be detail-oriented, as they must enter all patient data accurately in their records so doctors and insurance companies can refer to them. Medical Assistants should also have interpersonal skills so they can work with patients closely.

Medical Assistants may perform the following duties:
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Verifying insurance.
  • Obtain blood samples.
  • Perform data entry.
  • Measure and record vital signs.
  • Clean exam rooms.
  • Answer phone calls.
  • Perform EKGs.
  • Administer medications in the office.
  • Give Vaccinations, Give Allergy Injections.
  • Triage Assessments before doctor visits
  • Charting patient concerns.
Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant 6-week Accelerated Workshop 

Class Schedule: 

A. CLASSES AT THE CENTER (In-person classes)

Tuesday and Thursday 
8:00 AM -12:00 PM or 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The first two weeks are hybrid/ online.
Then in person for four weeks at the center.

1. Attest for previous experience, meaning you already know and you sign saying this
2. Come in for national stick Day which is held once a month here at SGCC
3. Do clinical
4. Receive practice arm and send videos, join the online group.
5. Present previous certificate and only pay 500$. But you still have to pass the final and certification.


($350.00 down payment)
National Certification offered at end of workshop from MedCa. Also, the student can sit for AMCA, NHA, NCPE. The cost is $140.00

Class Options:

Option 1 - Come Personally to School
Come to school here at South Ga Career Center for skills.
Option 2. All bookwork online, Externship at a facility.
Watch videos of successful sticks and skills, and do an externship at a facility. You will have to find a facility near you that accepts students. (You will be given externship paperwork)
Option 3 - Completely Online
Watch skills videos. Receive the certificate with no Live Sticks. 
(Puts you at a disadvantage when looking for a Medical assistant job though, without phlebotomy skills and EKGs ) But you get the national certification, still. Previous experience required

—If you are a quick learner this is the option for you. You can learn these skills in the videos, but you will have more on-the-job learning once certified.

Message us to see if you qualify for this option.
Pay Full Payment!
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Down payment Only
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Pay With Afterpay
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